Network for integrating Virtual Mobility and European Qualification Framework in HE and CE Institutions

Reports & Publications


SIG 1 - Virtual Mobility, ECTS and E-learning
2009 [download PDF]

SIG 2 - Research
2009 [download PDF]

SIG 3 - E-learning and evaluation of Learning Outcomes of EQF
2009 [download PDF]

SIG 4 - E-learning and EQF
2009 [download PDF]


EDEN 2009
Submited paper
Oral presentation

EQF documents

The use of e‐learning in the EHEA and its relation with the EQF implementation [download PDF]
The development of national qualifications frameworks in Europe - Publications Office of the European Union, 2010 [download PDF]

Other documents

Invitation to join VIRQUAL as associated partners [download PDF]
Leaflet with information about VIRQUAL project [download PDF]

Support materials
EQF Newsletter, December 2011 [download PDF]