Network for integrating Virtual Mobility and European Qualification Framework in HE and CE Institutions


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Atelier - Développer la mobilité virtuelle et les learnings outcomes pour la formation continue
University of Geneva, Switzerland
8 December 2011
Invited experts: Diane Lalancette, OCDE and Alfredo Soeiro, University of Porto and coordinator of VIRQUAL
Now available! Videos of the presentations

EUCEN 42nd Conference: Bridging the gaps between learning pathways
Genova, Italy
16/18 November 2011
Available! Conference proceedings

S-ICT Conference 2011. Virtual Mobility
Vienna, Austria
3/4 November 2011
Available! Conference proceedings

VIRQUAL Webinar - EQF and Recognition of Prior Learning
20 October 2011 / 11h00 - 12h00 (Central European Time)
Moderator: Ana Dias (TecMinho) [+ info]
Invited Expert: Michel Feutrie (Université de Lille) [+ info]
Available! Recording of webinar session

EUCEN 41st Conference: Education as a right - LLL for all!
Granada, Spain
25/27 May 2011

VIRQUAL Webinar - Learning Outcomes & Assessment

18 May 2011 / 11h00 - 12h00 (Central European Time)
Moderators: Gottfried S. Csanyi (TUW) [+ info]
Invited Expert: Karine Tremblay (OECD / AHELO) [+ info]
Available! Recording of webinar session

VIRQUAL Webinar - Virtual Mobility Implementation
27 April 2011 / 11h00 - 12h00 (Central European Time)
Moderators: António Teixeira and Branca Miranda (UAb) [+ info]
Invited Expert: George Ubachs (EADTU) [+ info]
Available! Recording of webinar session

VII Seminário e-Learning "Aprender nas Redes Sociais: Ampliar e Colaborar"
Porto, Portugal
01 April 2011 / 9h15 - 17h30 (Central European Time)
[+ info]

EDEN 2010 Annual Conference - Media Inspirations For Learning. What makes the impact?
Valencia, Spain
9/12 June 2010

4th European Quality Assurance Forum
Copenhagen, Denmark
19/21 December 2009

DAAD Conference on "Learning Outcomes and Qualification Frameworks"
Sankt Augustin, Germany
26/27 November 2009

EQF Pro International Seminar
Porto, Portugal
26/27 November 2009

38th EUCEN Conference "Quality and Innovation in LLL"
Jonkoping, Sweden
5/7 November 2009

EDEN Open Classroom 2009
Porto, Portugal
15/17 October 2009
[+ info]

EQF Pro International Seminar
Lille, France
01/02 October 2009

6th European Conference in e-guidance "Widening the access to Lifelong Guidance"
Riga, Latvia
16/17 September 2009

O Processo de Bolonha em Portugal - Presente e Futuro / Bologna Process in Portugal - Present and Future
Aveiro, Portugal
26 June 2009

Fórum de Lisboa sobre TIC e Inovação na Educação / Lisbon Forum on Innovative Approaches to ICT in Education
18/19 June 2009

Quadros de Qualificações / Qualification frameworks
Porto, Portugal
8 June 2009